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Planning and Design

Planning and Design

Operational Plans—the key to a successful design

At ANTIOCH International, the success of our client is paramount to delivering efficient, balanced engineering solutions that not only enhance logistics, but ensure safety while preserving the natural environment. Today, we are experiencing increased government attention toward developing a more fully integrated, intermodal transportation system. Since rail footprints are large, and their design components regulated, they control the placement of other project features. With this in mind, the key to a successful industrial railroad design is to first develop an operational plan showing the most efficient way to stage, store and switch rail cars to meet the owner’s objectives. Then, and only then, can other project features be finalized. This ensures longevity of the project, and improves future business.

At ANTIOCH, we provide more than design. We provide complete, step-by-step, detailed plans on how our designs work. From loading and unloading, to how rail cars are placed for shipment. No detail is missed, providing our clients maximum efficiency.

Our services are designed with your company needs in mind:

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